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A & E Realty Co., Inc. is a locally owned and operated company, servicing the real estate needs of their clients in the West Boylston & Greater Worcester County areas.

"Local People Doing Local Business”

Whether buying or selling your home, A & E Realty Co., Inc., provides the experience and knowledge to help you in your real estate transaction. Our experts help clients make informed decisions concerning the buying and selling process, eliminating the guesswork that could potentially be costly.

If you are looking for a realtor for the sale of your home I highly recommend Maria Troka. The sale of our home was flawless from start to finish. The effort she put into every detail beginning with the marketing of our home and ending with the closing were second to none. Maria was always available and immediately responsive.
Marlene DeWolfe
It was a pleasure to work with Maria. She really knows the market and made the buying and selling process easy for us. Maria works with you every step of the way and will be available for you day or night. Sellers..you will not have better pictures taken of your house! I would recommend Maria to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.
William Kewley
My Mom started the process with A&E Realty simply because they were in town. She wasn't just selling a house and buying another. She was moving from the home my grandfather built; one she shared with my dad for 22 years. Dad passed away in January and she was looking for a home closer to us kids. It was a highly emotional transaction. Thankfully, Maria spent a lot of time making mom feel comfortable with everything, which was very important to me.
We didn't know anyone who had used them and their fee was a percent higher than others. So when we learned Maria would have the contract, I told my mom we should keep looking. Maria was new - and even though we were assured she would have full support of her father at A&E - who wants a rookie right out of the gate, right? Thank goodness mom saw what I couldn't and decided to go with Maria.
Maria's willingness to help get home ready for market was a great way to start. She never pressured us to hurry to market though. Instead, she guided us through each step and explained everything (several times if needed). She was fabulous at educating us on the complex world of real estate. Maria let mom go at her own pace, yet also knew when we needed to move faster to gain the best advantage.
The offer mom accepted was perfect and the buyers fit our ideal. We know they will love it as we did and we even believe the neighbors will be happy too. That was important to us, so it became important to Maria. At one point, I questioned the buyers ability to get the loan. Maria took time to explain how she vetted them. I was impressed how quickly she was able to explain why she saw them as suitable, and I felt ashamed I had not given her more credit. Even more so as the process moved forward, since she went "above and beyond" running small errands that saved me several hours of driving.
The house mom finally chose was on the market less than a day. It was solely Maria's expertise that secured the perfect home for mom. You'll want someone like Maria in a market as crazy as 2020 has been. She moved fast, was always available and reliable (every question answered within an hour). Mom would have lost out like so many buyers out there have if we didn't have Maria on our side.
Maria also had great connections. We asked her for referrals for much of the process, including the moving company (JTL Enterprises were great!). When closing moved (again and again), it was Maria who made the calls to make sure everyone was informed. Yes, that included her contacting the movers to secure a last minute Saturday move.
Technically, Maria is new to her career, but she's far from new to the industry. I forgot she was "new" honestly right up until I wrote this review. She understands the business better than realtors who have been at it for years. I suspect being from a realtor family makes all the difference.
You'll find plenty of realtors out there who will do their job, some who do it very well. There are a select few who were born for it like Maria. She'll be my realtor for life after how I watched her manage my mom's situation.
Side note: while checking reviews, make sure you have the right A&E Realty. There are others that aren't this office and some of the unrelated offices have bad reviews. I wouldn't want anyone to associate my A&E Realty with the bad ones!
Jessica Buteau
Coming into this market with no inventory Maria was able to stay on task, having knowledge of the housing market in West Boylston and surrounding towns helped with looking for a home. Maria kept a professional attitude thought this uncertain of times.
David Berge